Lane Kiffin Getting Ton of Attention…But Why?

Lane Kiffin is one of, if not, THE hottest name in the coaching carousel this offseason. He is a great football coach, but I have one question…..Why?

Why is he the hottest name this offseason?  What has he done in the past as a head coach to justify all the attention? Before, people said it was because of his last name and coming from a coaching pedigree, but why now?

Lane Kiffin was hired as the youngest coach in NFL modern day, by the Oakland Raiders.  Kiffin, as expected, failed mightily in the NFL lasting only 20 games and being fired after a dismal 5-15 record.  It was rumored that then owner, Al Davis, wanted Lane to resign after his first season going 4-12, but Lane refused.

Tennessee then ousted longtime head coach Phillip Fulmer and Kiffin, somehow, got the head coaching gig there as well.  He saw some success in his only season on “Rocky Top”, beating Georgia and taking Alabama down to the wire.  He finished that season with a bowl loss to Virginia Tech, and a 7-6 record.

That 7-6 record was enough for him to become the next head coach at the University of Southern California, after Pete Carroll took to the NFL.  Kiffin labeled that his “dream job” and had great success in his second year there going 10-2, by far his best season as a head coach.  He followed that season, however, with a 7-6 year and started the following season 3-2, before being let go mid season. He finished his tenure at USC, 28-15 and that just didn’t get it done at a school where the talent is rich and their boosters are “richer” if you will. If you can not win at USC, with all of the resources and athletes they have, I think it will be hard for Lane Kiffin to win anywhere.

You see, I am not saying Lane Kiffin is a bad coach, because offensively he is a great coach, and has had success everywhere he has been as an offensive coordinator. But, on a day when Houston passed of Lane for Major Applewhite, you have to wonder why….or do you?

LSU would be getting the best bang for their buck with Lane as offensive coordinator.  However, just minutes after Applewhite took the Houston job, it is an all but given that Kiffin will be the next head coach at South Florida, which is where he should have started his head coaching experience, not the NFL.

Has Lane Kiffin learned a lot from Nick Saban? You would think that he has been right beside Saban every chance he gets, which makes it even more odd that Houston passed.

He will get another head coaching job, that much is true. But, you have to give credit where credit is due. So you Lane Kiffin need to hug Nick Saban’s neck and express a HUGE THANK YOU!!

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