Catching up with former Bama Punter Jeremy Schatz

We caught up with former Alabama punter Jeremy Schatz a while back. Schatz played at Bama from 2001-2005 while the Tide was on probation and not the juggernaut and perennial contender they are now. Schatz is now an attorney in Birmingham.

Why did you decide to come to Alabama? Surely you had other schools pursuing you what was special about Tuscaloosa?

I grew up an Alabama fan but actually I chose to go to Troy out of High School. I started as a true freshman but it just wasn’t for me, and I decided to transfer.

What are you most proud of from your time at Alabama?

First it would be getting my degree, then I would have to say getting ten wins and winning the Cotton Bowl.

Do you keep in touch with your former teammates?

Yes, a lot. Taylor Britt, Brian Bostick, Drew Lane, Kyle Tatum, Lance Taylor, Greg McClain, Kyle Robinson, Mark Guillon, all of those guys I talk to pretty often others i just see occasionally.

What did you think of Alabama’s decision to schedule Hawaii in as it’s last game in 2003 since we couldn’t go to a bowl game? I thought it was a good idea.

It was good for the fans to have an excuse to go to Hawaii.

Do you think Mike Shula should have been fired?

That’s not for me to decide, I’m sure there is a million different opinions on this, all I know is that you can’t put a price tag on someone who truly cares about the University.

You were there for Prothro’s infamous catch against Southern Miss. in 2005 What did you think when you saw it that night?

First I though it was an incomplete pass, then when I saw the replay on the jumbotron all I could think was wow, I just saw one of the greatest catches in football history.

Also in 2005, your senior year we crushed #3 Florida at home 31-3. How good did that victory feel?

That was the most fun I have ever had at a football game. No one expected that to happen but to date, even with the stadium expansion, that game was the loudest I have ever heard Bryant Denny.

A few weeks later was the huge game at home against UT. I remember UT was about to score and then all of the sudden their fullback fumbled the ball out of the end zone. What were you thinking as you watched that unfold in front of you?

To have a successful season sometimes you have to get lucky breaks, and that was ours. We were meant to win that game and we did.

The LSU game on Senior night was heartbreaking. I remember you had a 52 yard punt that night. As hard as that overtime loss was you had to be proud of how far the team had come from being on probation just a few years earlier to a few plays away from the SEC championship game and maybe even a National Championship.

To be honest it was a huge let down, we had won 9 games in a row and then to lose in overtime was terrible. I remember just sitting out on the field after the game just wondering what could have been. I think that game really affected us the next week when we played Auburn.

Do you remember what you were thinking when you watched Jamie Christensen’s field goal try to win the Cotton Bowl against Texas Tech?

I honestly didn’t think it was going to make it. No that was the worst kick I’ve ever seen go in. That was a really windy game and luckily it helped us.

Thanks again Jeremy, is there anything else you’d like to say to the Crimson Tide fans out there?

Roll Tide, and remember some of these guys playing are only kids and they are going to make mistakes. Support them and show them why they came to the University of Alabama.


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